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Want to Grow Your Business? Bring It to Queensland

Are you ready to grow your business elsewhere? Then it’s time to look for a commercial land for lease in, where else, but Queensland! This region has some of the best reasons to grow your company fast.

1. Population Growth

Business owners look for a commercial space for lease where the people are, and Queensland is one of those places.

The region, particularly its capital Brisbane, has one of the fastest-growing populations in Australia. It adds as many as 125,000 people annually. Most of these are migrants either domestic or foreign.

According to the Bureau of Statistics, Queensland will be home to almost 6 million people by 2027. By 2056, at least 11 million will call it their home.

To give you some perspective, the population in Australia today is around 25 million. In less than 40 years, it will balloon to 42.5 million, according to Parliament of Australia. Around 25% of the country’s people will be living in Queensland then.

2. Infrastructure Spending

Another reason to search for a commercial land for lease here is infrastructure. These are public amenities that make it livable and, thus, supportive of the population’s growth.

The state government is aggressive. Based on its plan, it aims to spend close to $13 billion until 2020 for different projects. These include schools, health care facilities, and new or repair of roads.

One of its biggest projects is Cross River Rail, which is an underground railway that spans over 10 kilometres. All of these should generate more than 35,000 jobs.

3. Cost of Living

While Australia isn’t a cheap country, the cost of living significantly varies between states and cities. According to Numbeo, Brisbane is more affordable than Sydney, New South Wales, in different categories.

For instance, consumer prices are nearly 9% lower in Queensland’s capital than in Sydney. Consumer prices in the country’s primary city are also a whopping 22% higher than in Brisbane. Local purchasing power or the ability to buy a lot from one’s income is also lower in Sydney than in Queensland’s main metro.

If you can’t get a property in Brisbane, then you can aim your sights on commercial real estate for lease Sunshine Coast offers. This sub-region is popular not only for its beaches but also for its more affordable cost of living than in Sydney.

Why should a business know about the cost of living, though? For one, you also have to spend to run and maintain your company. Second, a lower possible household expense can mean a higher disposable income and consumer spending.

4. Cost of Commercial Space

In Australia, the cost of commercial spaces is increasing while the sizes are decreasing. That is understandable since the demand is high. While the country is one large continent, most of its population is only in a small land area.

The average rent for an office in a prime location is already $1,000 per square metre each year, according to a Sydney Morning Herald report. However, it’s comparably cheaper if you move away from Sydney where rent can be as high as $1,500 per square metre.

In other regions such as Queensland, commercial land for a lease may cost you half of what you can find in the country’s capital.

If you’re lucky to get a loan, you may even secure a commercial real estate for sale Sunshine Coast currently offers.

In the end, you decide where to grow your business. For these reasons, though, it’s safe to say you can give Queensland a chance. Be sure to visit when looking for commercial property for lease Sunshine Coast offers today.

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Jake Phillips
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