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5 smart steps to take when buying your very first bike

Buying bicycles can be quite confusing, especially if it’s your first one. Some people who are new to the hobby buy bicycles without even knowing what they are looking for. This leads to frustration and wasted resources for the inexperienced rider. Therefore, before you head down to your local bike shop, here are some things to help you choose the perfect bike.


Step 1: Find out what kind of riding you want to do

As biking grew and evolved over the years, many new facets of the sport are also introduced. Road Cycling is the most widespread form of cycling out there. As the name suggests, it involves riding on paved streets and roads such as in cities.

Others also enjoy Mountain Biking because it’s perfect for people who seek the thrill of the outdoors and uneven terrain. But new riders don’t need to fret too much on choosing which one to get. They all generally work the same and the differences would not matter much to a beginner.

Road bikes are very popular beginner choices because they are comfortable to ride and is widely available. So, when getting bicycles in Australia, you might want to consider this option.

Step 2: Work on a budget

Having a budget is as important as choosing the kind of bicycles to buy. This helps you narrow down your choices as well as help you to not overspend. Biking can be a pretty expensive sport however, beginners don’t need to shell out a lot of cash. A good inexpensive unit can give hours of enjoyment. Take note though that your budget must include not just the bike itself but also accessories and other gears.

Step 3: Do your research

Now that you have a budget to work on, you can now start looking into setups that would fit your needs. You don’t need to do in-depth research; however,  it’s great to familiarize yourself with the hobby. You can ask friends and colleagues for advice. Online communities are also a great source of information and are generally welcoming to newbies. There are a lot of groups dedicated to all things bicycles Australia wide.

Step 4: Consider investing in good accessories

Accessories are also an integral part of cycling. Many countries have strict biking safety laws that require helmets, knee guards, and any other gear. Investing in a good helmet is a good start. Cycling can be quite dangerous, so always prioritize safety.

It is also good to invest in a good set of basic repair tools such as wrenches or Allen keys if you don’t have them already. This will help you maintain and repair your unit so that it is in tip-top condition.

Step 5: Visit bike shops and stores

You’ve now figured out what riding you want to do. You have set up a budget to work with and have done a lot of research. What’s next, you say? It’s time to head out to your local bike shops!

However, don’t splurge yet. Before you buy, make sure to look around a bit. Have your options open and let yourself wander around and see everything the hop has to offer. Bicycles tend to depreciate a lot quicker than cars, so you might chance upon a decent older model on a discount.

Dedicated bike shops have bike fitting facilities too. A bike fit is where they have you sit on a device to gather measurements. With these measurements, they can then adjust your bike to suit your build and body type. This makes sure that you get the most out of your bike without sacrificing comfort.

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