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How small businesses should manage their fleet effectively

Check the website and you will see various services that your business can leverage in terms of fleet management.

If you use a number of vehicles for various operations, it’s important to ensure the whole process runs smoothly, from deciding who gets to drive what to vehicle tracking. This is where you’ll need GPS vehicle tracking & telematics, trailer & asset tracking, and carrier reef control, among others.

Effective fleet management strategies for small businesses

Think of managing vehicles as similar to managing employees. It starts with each individual vehicle and how it can be used to your company’s advantage. Part of the process is to prepare for any contingencies as well.

So what should a business owner like you do?

Choose drivers wisely

It goes without saying that the person behind the wheel has a huge responsibility to fulfil towards their affiliate company, themselves, and other pedestrians and motorists. Make sure to vet every individual you assign to drive a truck or delivery van. Check if they are mindful of what will happen to everyone and everything if they do something stupid.

Insure your fleet of vehicles

Buying insurance, especially with comprehensive cover, may take out a huge chunk of your capital. But not having one is a financial problem you don’t want to face in the event of an accident.

A lot of things can happen on the road, and one truck or business vehicle could cost you a lot of money, depending on the incident that occurs.

It’s better to prepare for such eventuality. Buy comprehensive commercial motor insurance before you even allow one vehicle to leave the lot.

Maintain good and regular communication with drivers

Stay updated on what’s happening on the road by staying in good contact with fleet drivers. They know better than anyone what shape a vehicle is in or how they’re performing while on the road.

Implement an open-door policy with drivers so that they will not hesitate to tell you any concerns they have. This will result in quicker problem resolutions.

Have tracking devices installed

GPS vehicle tracking that is featured on the homepage provides you with the ability to monitor whether drivers are doing their job and if they encounter issues along the way.

With the right provider, monitoring fleet activity will not be a problem. Tracking also discourages slacking off or malicious intent. The drivers know their every move is being watched, after all.

Keep track of vehicle maintenance

When was the last time your fleet has a tune-up, oil change, or tyre rotation? It’s important to keep a record for when such maintenance needs were taken care of.

If you stick to a regular schedule, breakdowns are minimised and you save money from constant repairs. Your vehicles will also last long enough for you to recoup your investment and earn more.

Most importantly, forge a good relationship with mechanics so you have someone you trust to oversee maintenance and to provide assistance during emergencies.

Ready to enhance the security of your business fleet?

Visit for more details on GPS vehicle tracking, driver safety, and fleet management solutions.

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Optical audio splitters for a stellar home surround sound system

Planning to set up a home surround sound system? Remember to have some optical audio splitters for stellar results. This could help in efficiently distributing audio signals throughout your systems, regardless of how many speakers or output you have.  Just make sure that all your sources and destinations have optical audio ports and that you use the right audio splitters for seamless outputs. optical audio splitters What are optical audio splitters and what could they do for your sound system For starters, audio splitters are cables that direct audio signals from one source to multiple destinations. To simply put it, it’s a cable that split the audio signal into two or more outputs, much like your multimedia player to multiple surrounds sound speakers Optical audio splitters are intended to accomplish such feat. They are the first standardized audio splitters available. These audio splitters are also called “Toslinks” or “Toshiba Links”, and became very popular since the ’80s. When can you use an optical audio splitter? Years after the development of Toslink, HDMI audio splitters became a widely used option worldwide. However, optical audio splitters still prove to be better in many instances, especially in terms of compatibility, isolating audio signals, and stretching the life of old audio machines. You just need to be sure of compatibility all over your sound system to make it work. In setting up a surround sound system, for example, make sure all your speakers have optical audio ports. Your audio sources should have it as well, such as your CD players and MP3 players, among other devices. Thing is, such audio ports are usually found on the older generation of audio devices, thus you should be careful in buying the right audio splitters for newer products. Know about active and passive audio splitters When you see your source and output devices all have optical audio ports, you just need to choose between active and passive audio splitters for your sound system. Passive audio splitters simply let the audio signal pass through without any enhancements. This exposes audio signals to various losses through its travel, plus the loss it acquires upon being split. Use it for your sound system, and you can expect lower audio volume with some distortions on the output. On the other hand, active audio splitters boost the audio signals as it travels through the cables. For example, I use these audio splitters because it promises better audio outputs, especially on the surround sound system, as long as it’s properly installed for optimal result. Aside from giving a boost, active audio splitters also protect audio signals very well, thus avoiding distortions from external causes. For example, it keeps audio on good quality, despite you accidentally stepping on the cables. You just need to know more about the available Toslink audio splitters you can buy, so you can see which one is perfect for a stellar surround sound system. You can click on for more info, and browse the site for other products that could help you. Moreover, feel free to connect with the experts in 3DHDGear if you need some assistance in setting things up.