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Fveggiesstarive Seasons Catering, formerly known as Feather River Culinary Artists, never stops cooking, though our service to groups on retreat took a retreat to regroup ...

Now WE'RE BACK and cooking up
LOCAL, ORGANIC, SEASONAL signature menus

Expertly designed to support groups of people away from their homes

For a weekend, a week, or more.


Although Five Seasons is available for hire by meeting planners or group leaders for short term cooking of a week or less, we are currently available as Seasonal Chefs for Hire at your location! The retreat and conference season gets underway in the Spring and winds down in the Fall.

Read below about our unique style, our values and the care that we bring to our work then This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it !


Seasonal, Local, Organic or SLO Cooking is us! As many ingredients as possible are purchased from local farmers, purveyors and producers. And, in Northern California, that's a pretty nice grocery list!

palatte2Our Executive Chef, Dawna Foreman, creates menus around what she finds at the farmers' markets and through purveyors who distribute on behalf of food artisans and producers within 100 miles of the locale where the food will be served.

While we are cost conscious, we are committed to the values of many well-known folks in the 'food activist' community including Master Gardener, Wendy Johnson and Zen Chef, Ed Espe Brown. Putting it simply: SLO ingredients make joy in the cooking and the "jing" (energy)  in the food is delicious!

From our inception as Feather River Culinary Artists, in 1995, menus are inspired by ingredients and shaped by our understanding of the Five Phases of food, based in the wisdom of ancient Chinese culture. The system acknowledges five seasons, tastes, colors, cooking techniques and so on. When all elements or phases are present in a meal, each person can naturally select what they need to be in perfect balance in harmony with their environment.

Special Guests and Simple Fare

We take special dietary needs seriously, inviting each person into a confidential discussion so we can serve them well. We are also adept in providing service in response to requests for vegetarian fare, and do our best with vegan diets via our Simple Table of plain fare and providing a variety of condiments such as gomasio, tamari, umeboshi, hot sauce, and roasted seeds.

diamonddishWhat Can You Expect to Spend

... for the artistry, the service, the consistency from one meal to the next, three meals a day?

Naturally, everyone wants the most for the lowest! We offer a variety of meal and service packages that range from $38 to $65 per person per day, when we are hired to serve a group for 3 to 10 days.

If you own or manage a retreat or retreat conference facility, we are sub-contracted through a culinary service agreement, and our per diem rate is replaced by a contract rate based on your setting and needs.

Are you hungry yet? For menus and service details, Call us: 415.755.7008 from 10 am til 5 pm PST

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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